CrossFit Pleasanton now has classes on Saturday and Sunday at 8am, 9am, and 10am.

Saturday was a 1/2 mile “couples” prowler push with 95#’s

Sunday was Fran. Kyle showed up and nailed Fran in 3:03. DAMN.

Fan is 21-15-9 each of Pull-ups and Thrusters (95#’s)

Here are the new toys we built this weekend:
Future Pull-ups Bars Future Pull-ups Bars

Building the Cage Building the Cage

Future Bar Holder Future Bar Holder

New Pull-up Bars and Bar Holder New Pull-up Bars and Bar Holder

Ken Doll Pull-ups Ken Doll Pull-ups

Paul juggles weekend construction while also playing the Ken Doll roll at his twin daughter’s 3 year Barbie Birthday Party.

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