The first week of May 08 was a week of great results from Re-Active clients. I thought my body fat calipers were broken. Let’s take a look at some of the changes:




Dropped 9#’s of fat mass and gained 4#’s of lean mass in April


Dropped 4.3# of fat mass and gained 3.3#’s of lean mass in April


Gained 4.3#’s of lean mass and dropped 3.3# of fat mass in 2 weeks


Gained 2.5#’s of lean mass in April


Dropped 2#’s of fat last month


Gained 1 pound of lean mass, and dropped 2 pounds of fat


Lost 12#’s of fat in April and stopped eating donuts


Lost 6.5#’s of fat and gained 4.5#’s of lean mass


Lost 5#’s of fat and gained 2#’s of muscle


This strictly tells the story of fat and muscle changes. This does not highlight the extreme changes in the health of these bodies as they become fit. Also, these clients are developing abilities that they have never had. TS can do 20 pull-ups without stopping compared to a few pull-ups six months ago. KC ran ten 440 meter sprints at a 5 minute mile pace. RD, 53, outpaced 3 fit thirty-somethings in a strength and endurance competition last week.

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