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Our goal here at CFP is to help our clients achieve their Impossible. Our focus is to make our clients lives better, whatever that means to you. If that means running faster, biking longer or being more flexible, then that is the goal. We are here to make your day to day life more energetic and more pain free. The way we do this is by getting you fitter. If being fitter means improving your squat and overall mobility, doing pull-ups, or just being able to keep up with your kids, then we are here to help you achieve a better quality of life. We also have the support system and community to make it easier to stick with your goals with private coaching, gym events, and group classes to keep you accountable for achieving your goals. Trying to do things on your own is possible, having a coach will make it probable, and having a community of like minded people supporting you is UNSTOPPABLE. This is CFP.

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Thursday 11/15/18

Mobility: Hips Skill: None Strength:  Metcon:   Kor: 100 unbroken flutter kicks 60 leg raises w/ high hip thrust (end movement with hips thrust upward off …

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Wednesday 11/14/18

Mobility: Shoulders Skill: Every 90 Sec (3 sets): Station 1 – Muscle-Ups x Max Reps in 45 seconds ( muscle-up skill progressions) Station 2 – …

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Tuesday 11/13/18

Mobility: Shoulders Skill: None Strength:  Metcon:   Kor: 50 Situps 40 Seated Flutter Kicks – flutter with upper body off the ground holding pike crunch position …

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Monday 11/12/18

Mobility: Hips/shoulders Skill: None Strength:  Metcon:   Kor: 100 Sit-ups for time: At the top of each minute stop and do 4 push-ups

Sunday 11/11/18

Mobility: Hips Skill: None Strength:  Metcon:   Kor: AMRAP 4 minutes 30 bicycle crunches (left + right = 1 rep) 20 straight leg raises 10 hollow …

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