Barbell Club


For any athlete that would like to focus only on strength then CFP academy will put you on a personal strength program. This is a very effective program with 6 to 8 week cycles that focuses on everything from power lifts, Olympic lifts, and accessory work that will give you the best results. An Open Gym membership is required for this program and you will be able to come to the gym anytime to do your training.


This 60 minute class focuses on the Snatch, Clean & Jerk and their related lifts. Learn these complex lifts from coaches certified by USA Weightlifting. The lifts require a unique combination of strength, flexibility, power, and coordination not found elsewhere in sports. Get fit and strong while you learn these highly technical lifts under the watchful eye of one of our expert coaches. The class is appropriate for novices as well as athletes looking to compete in weightlifting. An Open Gym membership is needed if these classes are your sole focus.


Our coach, Jake Wollach, is an expert at power lifting and will write up individualized programming. You will have access to the gym and open gym times with programming that is set for each specific athlete’s needs. This is a very personal touch to this art form that you will not find anywhere else.


Just getting into this crossfit thing and I heard good things about CFP.

I went in for an introductory class and was hooked. I'm still new and still getting used to the different exercises but the staff is very friendly and helpful. It's a great experience and great people…Read More

Currtis J

Recently I discovered CrossFit Pleasanton. Thank God I did!

Prior to finding CrossFit Pleasanton, I had no knowledge of CrossFit and definitely didn't think it was for me, especially at my age of 53, but I wanted to try something new. When I arrived at CrossFi…Read More

Andy L

This place is really good.

Zoltan and the whole staff are professional, well trained and motivating. They have tons of sessions everyday and the gym is really nice with two good showers and great equipment. The gym members are…Read More

Currtis J