Trident Endurance

Our Trident class provides three spears of physical development and a more aerobically focused training session. Trident Training will help you improve your power, speed, and endurance. The workouts typically incorporate running, rowing or cycling in HIIT style training with minor strength work and function body weight movements.

This powerful combination will give you the most effective endurance training program ever. This is perfect for athletes training for a marathon, triathlon, Iron man, or other race type modalities. We take advantage of the surrounding parks and greenways at times as part of the programing.

All training is done under the supervision of our expert coaches and will help push you through your fitness plateaus.


Just getting into this crossfit thing and I heard good things about CFP.

I went in for an introductory class and was hooked. I'm still new and still getting used to the different exercises but the staff is very friendly and helpful. It's a great experience and great people…Read More

Currtis J

Recently I discovered CrossFit Pleasanton. Thank God I did!

Prior to finding CrossFit Pleasanton, I had no knowledge of CrossFit and definitely didn't think it was for me, especially at my age of 53, but I wanted to try something new. When I arrived at CrossFi…Read More

Andy L

This place is really good.

Zoltan and the whole staff are professional, well trained and motivating. They have tons of sessions everyday and the gym is really nice with two good showers and great equipment. The gym members are…Read More

Currtis J