Anything Worth Achieving Is Going to Suck at time.

“Everything worthwhile in life is won through surmounting the associated negative experience.” -Mark Manson

Achieving fitness at times may not fun.  It can be painful to the ego and body.  Becoming a fitter and heather you is going to have its challenges. But it is worth it.

One of my favorite basketball players growing up was Ray Allen.

In a farewell letter to fans, he said how people used to describe his jump shot as “God-given.” This annoyed him; he said that claiming it was “God-given” took away from the thousands of hours of hard work and practice he spent perfecting and mastering it.

“Anything worth learning, you’re going to suck. You’re going to suck badly.” -James Altucher

Whatever skill you want to master comes at a price. It takes time, perhaps thousands of hours. It takes full concentration and dedication. It might mean waking up early and studying late when you could have been hanging out on the couch.

“Repetition can be boring or tedious, which is why so few people ever master anything.” -Hal Elrod

The reason most people never pass the “apprentice” phrase is that they’re not willing to put in the work.

In fact, most people believe that achieve the fitter you, whether it is the physic, skill, or fitness level will happen in a couple of months. You must understand that the people you might look up to, have been putting in the hours for years to be where they are. Just like learning anything in life. You don’t become a lawyer from paying for law school. You have to put in the time, commitment, and concentration to achieve that goal.

Same goes for your health and fitness. It will take time but by putting in the time and understanding the challenges, you will get there.

Most people will not press through the difficult initial phases of becoming fit. Being fitter and heather takes time, and most people aren’t willing to do the work. To change yourself you must challenge yourself.

For those who do? Anything is possible.

“95% of our society fail, time and time again, to start exercise routines, quit smoking, improve their diets, stick to a budget, or any other life habit that would improve their quality of life. Why? Most people don’t realize the seemingly unbearable first 10 days of a new habit is only temporary.” -Hal Elrod