Chris & Cheryl

Chris: I joined the CFP community 4 years ago, a dad of a 2-year old with another on the way. I saw a picture of myself on the beach and knew something had to change. I found CFP from a Google search, sent Z an email, and within 24 hours I had done my first workout and was back sitting in my car praying I wouldn’t throw up. I was hooked. The workouts and the challenge to always get better and always be pushed, were what got me in the door, but they’re only part of why I love CFP. The community, the friends I’ve made and the support I’ve received from everyone I’ve met, is why I’ve kept coming back. I couldn’t have gotten to where I am today: not feeling like I’m going to throw up after a workout and looking forward to coming to the 12:30 class everyday without the CFP community.

Cheryl: I was a chronic gym-hopper before joining CFP 3 years ago, never staying at a gym for more than a year or so. But I’ve found my home at CFP. I was initially intimidated to join a crossfit gym at first because I’d hear about Chris’ workouts and thought “there’s no way I could ever do 50 pullups in a row or lift those weights or do handstand pushups”. Then I thought, “if Chris can do it, I for sure can.” Those “unattainable” goals and the support I received in achieving them are what I love about crossfit. I’ve been able to accomplish things that I never thought I was capable of doing before. The community at CFP has played such a big part in that. Everyone is always so encouraging in pushing me to reach my goals. I’m looking forward to seeing what more I can accomplish in the future.


Chris and Cheryl have been a huge part of the CFP community. They have also improved their fitness by huge margins while training at CFP. They are a power team but also very supportive of new people and always looking to help out. Thank you both for everything you do for this community and gym.