Gayatri Narla

I found CFP almost four years ago as I ran past the fire hydrant while at another gym. At that time, I thought to myself, “There’s no way I am ready for Crossfit.” I had heard of Crossfit and it’s notorious reputation of being a real pain in the ass. Fast forward to a few months later, I ended up at CFP.

I have gotten stronger, learned to love crazy lifts like Snatch, and getting Double Unders was my favorite of all. When I first deadlifted 205#, I told everyone alive because I couldn’t contain the excitement. There is a lot of learning and growth that needs to happen, but Crossfit is very humbling and reflecting on accomplishments small and big while having a growth mindset really has helped on some not so fun days.

The last few months I have been plagued by freak accidents and Lo, Chris, and Z have made it possible for me to come back and not be afraid to try again. In addition, a huge shout to the 12:30 crew for the encouragement, laughs, and motivation all these years, especially these last few months.

I’m excited for what the next four years will bring. There is no better community to do it with than this one. The people, coaches, and the support is incredible. I’ve made some lifelong friends and friendships that I’ll cherish forever.

Gayatri is a regular at the 12:30 class and is a huge part of the CFP community. Her energy and positive attitude towards everyone helps so many reach new goals. She has also shown how to get back up after something bad happens. Life is never perfect and there are hurdles and obstacles along the way while working to achieve our goals. Gayatri is the perfect example of how to handle that and keep pushing to reach your goals. She is an inspiration to us all and CFP is better for having her in our community.

Zoltan (Redline)