Andres Rivera

My experience with Crossfit was nothing I expected. I got into Crossfit because a friend of mine told me it is my type of workout routine so I decided to give it a try for a week and see if it was for me. When I first arrived I had a mindset of using Crossfit as a supplement to getting back into shape and make my return to soccer to at least play at a semi-competitive level but after just one week I fell in love with it and soccer ended up being a supplement to get better cardio for Crossfit. I started taking exercise more seriously in my teenage years and I discovered that I loved pushing myself to get better every time, so I can say for sure that in all my years of fitness, nothing has pushed myself as far as Crossfit has. Because of it for the first time, I decided to take my nutrition seriously due to my goal of striving for heights I have not reached before, but mostly because I enjoy it so much that I want to get as far as I can in the sport of fitness! What keeps me going is not only the Challenging WODs, but the community built around it that supports you, lifts you up, and pushes you every step of the way, the coaches that are patient at answering all my questions about stretching, form regarding difficult exercises and also encourage you to do better each time, it’s my favorite part of the day to come exercise alongside other people that also strive to be a better version of themselves. Also, having a social environment during a typical stress-induced workweek is without a doubt very special to me. It is only my third month and I am in the best shape of my life, I’ve done things like handstand pushups and rope climbs which I never thought I would ever manage to do in my life. Thank you CFP for everything, but this is only the beginning!

If you’ve been at CFP for the past few months you’ve probably met Andres or at least seen him around. He has made tremendous progress in his short time here, from getting his double unders to getting a 50lb pr on his back squat! Andres is always testing his limits to get better and it is paying off in a serious way. Keep up the awesome work Andres.

Coach Terry