Lorraine Fay

I love CFP. I’ve been a part of this community since May 2018, just back to working out after breaking my ankle. Seems like forever ago. Everyone was so welcoming. I traveled a lot for work so would show up for a week or two and would be away for a week or two. Since the pandemic started, I started to work out consistently, came back when it was open last May (thank you Z-man)… and you can see why Z and the coaches say consistency is key. I’ve seen so much progress… most recently 12 DU (this is HUGE if you know me!!!!) CrossFit is humbling, some days go so great, other days not so great… but it has taught me patience (if you guys can believe that!!), I’ve learned how to reframe. (I can’t, so I’m gonna try, to the dear lord I can!). CFP is definitely my happy place. it’s where I come to not think about anything but to encourage my workout mates, do the workout and feel soo good after it’s done. The support and love I feel when I come here are real and I’m so grateful. Thank you, CFP!! This place is definitely a home away from home, the coaches and the community are simply amazing and make me want to keep coming back and progressing… I’m coming for you strict PU. I love CFP.

Lorraine is an amazing woman. She is always so supportive of everyone in the gym. She will always help when she can and push people to get better or get that extra rep. Her dedication and hard work this last year have shown how hard work pays off. She has accomplished so much. Double Unders, Oly lifts toes to bar, Handstand Push-ups. It is so great to see her come as far as she has and to see how far she will go. You are an inspiration to us all.

Zoltan (Redline)