Joshua and Olivia

Olivia: CrossFit has changed my life in many ways. Before coming to CrossFit I thought I didn’t have time to work out and I was always stressed out. Because of this, I can say CrossFit has not only helped me physically but mentally as well. I have been so much more motivated and productive since I started coming to CrossFit, I get so much more done at work and at home. It has also helped me with my back, mobility, and it has helped me build my endurance. I feel healthier and overall good about myself. I look forward to continuing to work hard to meet my fitness goals.
Joshua: From the first day I started CrossFit everyone was supportive and friendly. I really enjoy the family feeling and the tips the trainers give to help everyone get better. I have noticed a big improvement by losing close to 15 pounds. This keeps me motivated me to keep attending the WOD and endurance classes to keep making progress.

If you’re a member of CFP, you probably know Josh and Olivia. That’s because they’re at the gym side by side working on their fitness, skills, and personal goals. Not too long ago, Josh and Olivia attended a Trident Endurance class that I was coaching and it just so happened Josh picked the dreaded “shortest straw”… He had to partner with the instructor. After pushing hard through a rough workout, he could have rested on his laurels that he survived being partnered with a coach. But Josh did not back down, instead, he reacted positively- this is the CFP way. This is when he made an impression on me personally by stating “that was hard, but I’m going to keep coming so I can get better”. This is the kind of attitude that leads to small gains daily, weekly, monthly until you have realized your goals. Then, you set new goals, bigger and better than before- and smash them. Olivia on the other hand is quietly pushing every day, side by side with Josh and developing as a consistent and constantly improving hard worker and has become a mainstay in our CFP community. She not only pushes Josh, but everyone around her with her no-complaining, shut up, and do what I can do, “trust the process” attitude. She’s impressed me not only with her consistency but with how much she has improved as an athlete. I love to watch the obvious increase in her strength, skills, and confidence as I see her working out at the box. Gigantic kudos to you two, I’m lucky to have you as a member in the class so I can help you with what I’ve learned, but also to have you remind me constantly to be consistent and patient as I work on my own improvements. You two are a great example of how to get better and enjoy every second of it along the way. Don’t stop!- Coach Erik “El Snatcho” Larson.