Sudhakar Aramalla

I always wanted to have the right kind of routine in my life and have struggled to have a lifestyle that could fit my Fitness routine seamlessly, and still be able to feel like it’s not affecting my family/leisure time. “CrossFit Pleasanton” fits perfectly into my lifestyle and I’m glad I chose this place, I cannot rave enough of how awesome my coaches are, helping with the right way of doing your sets, patient to watch, and correcting you if needed be. Fellow members are friendly, always encouraging, almost feel like a community. I didn’t realize it’s been more than a year now, I am proud to have made this decision to join “CrossFit Pleasanton”

CPF has played an immense role in motivating me through my weight loss journey, I have lost 35 lbs in a year. It’s a lifestyle change for me not just reducing my weight, my focus has improved overall, and feel like I have regained my strength when I’m gardening or heavy lifting. My body physique has toned and shaped up greatly, I feel energetic and ready to take on my daily routine. My waist has gone down from 35 to 32, which feels like me again. In addition to exercise, I did change some of my eating habits, switched heavy meals to lighter and more nutritious ones, making healthy food choices. Overall, it’s an awesome and practical place to try out.