Alyssa Yarbrough

My first time stepping into a CrossFit gym was in October 2018, after spending some time doing powerlifting and fitness routines on my own. I decided to come to CFP insight of greener pastures and I’m so glad I did. The coaches are incredible, and the community of members is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. With the help of CFP, I have lost 30 pounds and have never felt or looked this great; I can only hope to become stronger and I believe it’s because of CrossFit. Being a part of the CFP Corps has been a huge motivator for me, as well. I can’t wait to see how I evolve in the future as an athlete.

Alyssa is such a hardworking, dedicated athlete and has such a willingness to push her limits. This is what gets you results through the CFP way. All this hard work and consistency has also gotten her into the Comp Group which is a huge accomplishment. Taking this step is about taking extra time on skills, strength, and endurance that turns this great fitness modality into a sport. Great job Alyssa! We are all so proud of you and for everything you have accomplished. Keep it up.

If you see Alyssa at the gym, give her a high five for her amazing transformation. This will solidify her into the history books of CFP.