Leigh Ann Course

A knee surgery caused me to give up playing
co-ed soccer for a few months.  During the rehab of the knee
I got into fitness, training 4 days a week to
make my body a complete machine.  I lost about
fifteen pounds and got down to about 12% body fat.
When I got bored of doing the same gym exercises, I thought
“Now that I have this awesome body, how can I
 challenge it?”  Enter CFP.  I have been a member of
CFP for almost six years now.  I have found a great
mental and physical challenge in CrossFit.  I spent a couple
of years with the Comp group, but a shoulder surgery
last year has set me back some.  I am enjoying the
rebuilding of my strength and skills.  The best
part of CFP is the sense of community and belonging.
I have made many friends, old and new.
Besides my CrossFit pursuits, I have been teaching
7th and 8th grade World and US history for the past 26 years.
Being fit comes in handy because 12 and 13yr old
boys always think they can do more push-ups than
On my off days, you’ll likely find me either slaying demons
in video games, or fussing over baking.