Roberta Pokigo

In 2014, I walked into a CrossFit gym near home looking for a personal trainer because my work schedule was messing with my fitness.  During the gym tour, we walked out back, and there it was – one of those GIANT tires. I said:  “Oh I want to flip THAT someday!” Fast forward to 2021, and here are some reasons I’m still drawn to CrossFit:

  • I can’t think about much else while I’m doing the WOD because of the intensity. I love that reprieve from my stressful career and/or a bad day.

  • Scaling is a great equalizer – male, female, young, old, challenged. I have MS and it impacts my balance and depth perception so I scale movements. Anyone can become their own brand of bad-ass!

  • Also, the fitness gained from doing CrossFit on a regular basis enables me to try things like rock climbing and focus on that experience, not struggle from a lack of endurance.

When I walk into CFP, there’s a ton of positive mojo all around. The coaches are all highly technical, walk the walk, are ‘present’, and engaged in class. I’ve learned SO much from this team. I’ve also shared quite a few laughs with the members. The gym is super organized, large, clean, full of great accessories and equipment; it’s an amazing facility. The programming is outstanding. By some “magic” I am now able to do double-unders and have PRd multiple lifts since I started at CFP in May 2021. That “magic” is solid programming and coaching! And on November 6, 2021, I flipped a tire NINE times. I wonder what’s next?

Roberta inspires me in so many ways and is the epitome of what I believe CrossFit to be about: community, positivity, determination, and strength.  Roberta consistently shows up to the gym, regardless of her schedule, as she has built the gym into her routine.  It is always a pleasure to have her in class as she has such an infectious positive attitude and is always encouraging other members and coaches during class. Roberta knows no limits in terms of age or health; she scales when appropriate and pushes herself when she knows she is ready.  She is determined and works hard, appreciates a challenging WOD, does not shy away or cherry-pick WODs, and isn’t afraid to ask for help in regards to technique and form.  It has been such an honor to watch Roberta grow in strength and confidence this year and I look forward to watching her continued journey.

Coach Lisa