David Aurelio

I struggled over the years to find a fitness routine that enabled me to achieve my goals.

I tried gyms, videos but never able to keep the motivate or the commitment I needed to get the results I wanted.  A Friend suggested a CrossFit class at 6:30am towards the end of 2019, my first thoughts were I’m over 40 and way too early. My assumptions were completely wrong, the workout pushed me, and the coaches helped me achieve the workout correctly while I was having fun with the other members. I had never witnessed nor be part of a fitness program that ensured we are maximizing our time while making sure we have the correct form and enjoy the people around you.

From that first workout I have continued my fitness journey and seeing improvements in so many aspects, from getting stronger, losing weight, and simply feeling amazing. I look forward to attending a class (ok..sometimes not) and getting my ass kicked while seeing my friends and laughing. The fitness level today is allowing me to continue doing the things I love and competing with the younger kids for the waves!

Several months ago, I suffered an injured which forced me to get surgery on the knee, during my Rehab- Z was calling and checking in and encouraged me to come in. This was the turning point for me, he setup the one leg rowing station and outline a routine.

Fast forward to now, I couldn’t have recovered like this without the team at CF- THANK YOU TO Z, Terry and Lisa for your guidance, patience, and overall support…. I’m almost back in the water!

I look forward to many more years of getting better and fun.