The CFP Community

Working out as a community can be a powerful tool in the world of fitness. It can help us push through fitness walls that we would not do on our own. It keeps us going where we normally would stop. It also builds a stronger mind and the ability to endure more as we get stronger, faster, and better. No one can reach their peak without the push, direction, and support of others.

With that said, it is important for us to search for people who may need this support. The ones that may need it the most might be starting something new or aren’t the fastest in a movement or workout. If you have been doing this for 3 or more years you may be at a point where you are no longer the last to finish, but I bet you got a lot of support when you were. I am sure there are some new people in your class that could also use the encouragement. Make sure to give that support back to the next group of members that are just starting out and need your help.

If you are done with a work out, don’t just start cleaning up or thinking about what you need to do at work, getting to your protein shake or whatever else comes to mind. Go find the people that are still fighting themselves, the movements, and today’s WOD. Help them through it, cheer them on, show your support. It only takes 3 min, but it gives that person so much. As a community it makes us, and therefore, you stronger. It also helps those people starting out achieve more and helps them reach their goals faster. It can’t even be put into words the impact that this will have on that person and our community.

The biggest impact though is what it can do for them outside the gym. You are infusing into that person positive energy, the ability to conquer what is hard, and the belief that they are not alone in this journey. They will go to work happier, be more positive at home, ready to overcome more, and will most likely support their fellow man as well. We don’t just impact the people in front of us, but the people they encounter as well.

This is a core belief of the CrossFit community and why I and so many others got hooked. Now is the time to pass it on and keep helping more people become firebreathers in and outside the gym.